Grow Write Guild #23: Houseplant love

We have a number of house plants that we've had for a long time, so it was tough to decide which to write about. Would it be the Christmas Cactus from my in-laws that arrived as a present shortly after we moved in?

Or the succulent that reminds us of our holiday on the Cinque Terre in Italy?  The poinsettia which we rescued from a DIY superstore just after Christmas that recovered and lasted through until March before we lost it?

Or our prolific baby-having Aloe Vera, which we picked up many years ago at at County Show in Devon? ...Should the plural be Verae though - we currently have four indoors with another nine, yes nine in the greenhouse (and I've already given some away).  Does anyone local want an Aloe Vera or two?!

Nope, none of these. I've gone slightly off piste with this post and have chosen a... ssshhh... looks both ways.... fake houseplant!

We have this fake fern on our middle landing. It's a small space that has little natural light; a place where no real plant would survive without lots of care and attention. More care and attention than we could give it, in any case. But it's also a space that benefits from the green-ness of a plant!

Originally I bought it as I was craving some green-ness indoors in my previous house where (at the time) I had four house cats so a real plant wouldn't stand much of a chance, and would more than likely have been nibbled to death.  This one is a little chewed (don't tell MOH) and is actually three small ferns grouped into a single pot.

I think it looks pretty realistic - what do you think?  

In any case the fake fern and I have been through much and it's still loved and still brings green-ness where no real or natural green would survive.

Long live the fake fern!

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