Love this #29: Clinique's new Cheek Pops

Or blusher to you and I!

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Seeing these is quite timely as my current blusher has been getting low.  And this morning has done that crumbling thing it does when it can no longer hold itself together. 

The crumbling thing that means each time you open the blusher you never quite know how much will stay in the container, how much you'll struggle to catch and how much you'll miss and drop onto the carpet...


It means I should invest in a new blusher as you know the day you drop more than you catch will be the day when you're going out and need a pop of colour on your cheeks. Having a blusher in reserve at this stage means it won't be as stressful and will avoid scrabbling around to find an even older blusher, one of those freebies you have somewhere, pinching your cheeks (which your nan always told you she did in the war), using some lipstick as blusher or getting down on all fours to apply blusher from the carpet!

These come in four colours of ginger, berry, plum and peach - how yum - and cost £16.50 for 3.5g, which is a usual blusher sized pot.

And the thing that really makes me love them is the pretty flower design. I think I'd be tempted to buy one even if I wasn't on the lookout for a reserve blusher right now, although I worry they may be just too pretty to use...

Now, which colour...

Gold Sprinkles