Love this #30: A vintage-style kitchen island

This is a kitchen island with a difference. And it's probably a good thing our kitchen is already finished as I think I'd have a hard time trying to convince MOH this could even be an option for us.

If you're interested this kitchen is designed by Retrouvius, who are based in Kensal Green and to be honest look expensive, but lovely!

I can just see his face now. All screwed up in disbelief, trying to work out if I was being serious or not (and most probably failing). 

However while I think this looks great, I'm not sure it'd work in our current house, so we'd have to move.  That news is equally likely to get the same face described above. I don't want to move, but that doesn't stop me loving it.  And dreaming what if...

One thing is puzzling me though as I can't quite work out where the sink is. I can see the tap and the article in Living etc (January 2014) suggests the sink is in the island rather than the alcove behind. In which case they've done a good job of hiding it and all the plumbing. 

Now the plumbing and sink location was still bothering me, as I remember  how much plumbing we had at the first attempt in our new kitchen (btw that was redone to fit the bins in, incase you were in any doubt). So I had a further look around the Retrouvius website and found this:

The kitchen is part of the Canal Side House project, the site's worth a look as it's pure design porn.  So the island is wider than I imagined and from this angle you can clearly see the sink in the island. Clever. So they have done a very good job of hiding all the plumbing gubbings. I told you before they looked expensive. 

So back to the display cabinet after being momentarily distracted by plumbing, of all things...

I think I'm drawn to it as it reminds me of the display cabinets in The Button Shop in South Norwood* High Street, which was an old-fashioned haberdashery shop. I think even in the seventies it was old-fashioned and needless to say it's long gone.  That's sad as it's the type of shop I'd find fascinating to look around now.  As you'd imagine among the things it sold was buttons and lots of them; I remember it being jam-packed with all sorts of things, but the type of shop where you were served, which was probably just as well as I'm not sure you'd ever find anything yourself!

Are there many haberdashery shops like that still around?

*South Norwood is where I grew up; it's in South East London just outside Croydon