Photo-journal: Beeley, Chatsworth Park and Pilsley

It was agreed the night before, over steak and ale pie and a humongous burger. We'd driven to Pilsley and decided we'd walk back the next day to visit the farm shop. After the huge dinner we'd eaten, which we topped off with Bakewell pudding and custard and a lemon and lime cheesecake it seemed only right that some activity was needed.

...But not until the next day. 

Setting out we clearly had different expectations for the trip. Me, I was walking to the shops and if I was lucky a bit of cake, but MOH was off on an expedition - his rucksack was kitted out with water (sensible), a map (ok, understandable), wooly hat and a compass (not sure why, but heyho). 

I double-checked and I had all the essentials I needed: sunglasses, umbrella, iPhone, silver handbag and emergency chocolate!!  I think at this point MOH visibly despaired...

We set off, heading out of Beeley by the church and across the road onto a Public Footpath and a field full of sheep with their lambs. Now I*may* have overdone the sheep photos but please remember I'm a City girl and usually the only time I see lamb is with mint sauce...

Next it was through the stile with the rustic weights, over the One Arch Bridge and into Chatsworth  Park and past the old mill and the weir.

A little further along and we started to get our first glimpses of Chatsworth, so as we're planning to come back and 'do' Chatsworth another day we headed up towards Edensor and Pilsley (both Chatsworth Estate villages). 

We found the farm shop and headed straight to the restaurant which turned out to be a good move as it was busy. Our names were added to the list just before another twenty of so people walked in, so clearly this is one of the places to head to for lunch. We just had a cheese scone and tea/coffee as they didn't have any pies on the menu and MOH wanted pie, which is always fair enough.

Next into the farm shop. Pies - pork and pork and Stilton, sausages, a lemon, some asparagus, some nibbles bought and packed carefully into the rucksack (I knew there was a use for it), it was time to head back. We considered having our pie with this as our view, but it was a little too windy by now - but what a cracking view!

So back towards Chatsworth Park it was. We'd seen some potential spots on the way here so knew we'd find somewhere suitable. But first, there was some time for MOH to have some tree fun...

And then it was time for our pie; this was the view we settled for:

With the ducks still hungry we headed back through the first field again and home, but first more sheep, these two bravely heading us off:

We were almost through the field when the farmer arrived with a trailer load of cattle. He called for us to stay where we were, so we did. The couple who'd rushed past us a few moments before were hanging on the gate looking envious, and if I'm honest I preferred their position to ours, but there was nothing for it but to stay put.  

That was about 20-30 metres from the twenty or so cattle the farmer released from the trailer; of course they came straight for us, I quickly found myself behind MOH and thankfully they streamed past us clearly preferring to chase the sheep rather than us. Phew. 

Back home and it was time for a well earned cup of tea and slice of cake, having chalked up eight miles just going to the shops and back!