Photo-journal: our London Marathon

We're lucky enough to live on the Blue start of the London Marathon and we have our own London Marathon traditions, which broadly include watching the build up and the starts on the TV and then pop outside to see the competitors go past. 

Yesterday we continued with our tradition and the other one which is to meet all our neighbours! It's probably the only day of the year that we see all of our neighbours at once. Some years there's been Bucks Fizz to see the runners go by, but yesterday the drink of choice was a mug of tea!

After the runners have past us - around 10:30am it's time for breakfast. It's hard work supporting the marathon so we opted for a bacon and egg bagel, superbly cooked by MOH while I gathered supplies and information for our day on the streets of London.

This year we planned to walk into Greenwich, then over to Docklands and up to Tower Hill in the hope of seeing friends that were taking part. Two of them had the blue start and we'd spotted them, actually one of them spotted us!

It was great, if not a little unusual for there to be no traffic on the Sun in the Sands roundabout, but it's something we could get used to!

There runners were thinning out in Greenwich and we headed straight for the queue for the foot tunnel and Docklands. 

We found a good spot just past the Mile 17 marker and spent about an hour there shouting for people we'd never met before and had a lovely chat with one guy who stopped for a breather - hopefully Tom made it all the way round, I'm sure he did. We didn't see anyone we knew at this point and on e we were sure they'd gone past we headed off further along the course. 

We took the DLR from Mudchute to Bank and then walked back towards the Tower of London. It was much busier here and there was much more of a carnival atmosphere, no doubt aided by the refreshments served at the local hostelries. We found a spot just past 23 miles, we knew some other friends were in the area but didn't spot them. We did spot one of our runner friends and all of the crowd around us called out to cheer him, which was a lovely touch. 

Knowing that we'd seen the last of the runners we were following we met up with friends who'd been further down the course for a quick peek at their new baby who was asleep in his pram, clearly the day was too much for him. And then it was onto the final meeting point - the Dickins Inn in St Katharine Dock to wait for our runners to appear with their medals for a well earned first drink and some pizza. 

We had a great day out and about in London - it was good to see more of the course than usual and to cheer people we knew and those we didn't along the way. Well done London!