Rhubarb: what a difference a month makes

Back at the start of March my rhubarb was just starting to come back to life:


But what a difference a month makes, look at it now:

The crown shown above is the oldest of the three I have and is planted in a raised bed partly under the lilac tree at the rear of our garden. It's been joined by two newer crowns, there were three but one disappeared - not sure where it went but when it was newly planted something (a fox/cat/squirrel?) kept digging it up until it was no longer there...

The oldest crown is probably due to be split, so I've made a note to do that once it's finished producing. There is just rhubarb in this bed now, as once it's in full flow nothing stands a chance growing under the giant leaves. 

Finally, the last of my rhubarb crowns has decided to start growing, but it's clearly not rushing!  

Hopefully it won't be long now before I'm harvesting rhubarb to eat.