Woohoo! My rhubarb's ready for picking

At the weekend we spent a few days in the garden, it's always busy out there at this time of year as we try and catch up with the first growth spurts of spring.  Added to that we have plans this year to rid ourselves of the building yard look (we have piles of paving slabs from the old patio and some slabs left over from the new patio, bags of sand and literally a ton of slate).

We discovered this weekend that our raised beds are rotting and need repairing, not great news but better now than after we've laid the extra paving. Our plan is to use scaffold boards and add these to the outside of the existing beds; this means we won't have to shift all the earth they contain. Phew. 

Now to source some scaffold boards...but first check out my rhubarb:

As we were working around the raised beds I though I would cut some of the already large rhubarb leaves to save them getting damaged. Imagine then my excitement when I discovered how much the rhubarb had grown since the start of the month.

It'd grown so well that some of it was ready to be cut!  Woohoo!  I could have cut more but decided to just cut the stems which might get damaged... 

As well as the rhubarb I also cut a rather large stem of parsley!

As well as cutting the rhubarb I also gave the pyracantha a hefty trim after getting fed up of being pricked by it as I cleared ivy, jasmine and weeds from its base. I like the squareness of the pyracantha and it's one way of trying to tame such a wild and prickly plant, as well as letting it know who's in control!

I've got some paving slabs to lay in an L-shape around the raised beds (and under the pyracantha) which is why I wanted some prickle-free space to work in, but more on that in a future post.

Back to the rhubarb!

I've roasted it with around 70g of caster sugar and the grated rind and juice of an orange for about 15 minutes at 180 degrees. 

MOH wanted crumble, and I have to agree there really isn't anything better than rhubarb crumble but I ran out of time for that. So instead we're having it with some Greek yogurt drizzled with the orangey-rhubarb syrup, with the promise of crumble next time!

He clearly wanted crumble though, as he sprinkled muesli over his!

We're looking forward to much more rhubarb and many more ways of eating it, including crumble!