Word of the week: Ungainly

Unfortunately it's been that kind of week and after a series of small incidents I'm afraid to say I'm the one that's been labelled...

It started last Saturday when I struggled to open the metal gate into the netball court, you know the sort that has a metal latch that slides across (tennis courts have them too)?  Yes, well somehow I managed to nip the knuckle of my right thumb in the metal slidey part. The result was a blood blister and a bruise and some pain, but nothing that would stop me doing anything, and certainly didn't stop me playing an hour of netball - we won, so that was something...

I was all ready to put it down to experience when the next day I burnt the knuckle of my left thumb on our toaster. It's not a new toaster and I use it pretty much everyday but for some unknown reason I decided to even up the blisters and have one on each thumb. Again momentary pain, but nothing major. 

Having run out of thumbs to blister I thought I'd be safe now. 

However I was wrong. 

And I managed to save the "best" for my finale. 

I was unsuspectingly cooking pasta for tea Monday night when my third (and hopefully final) mini-accident occurred; as usual I decided to test the pasta for its "al dente-ness" by tasting a piece. I scooped one of the Amori pasta shapes out of the water, drained it of water (or so I thought) and proceeded to do the al dente test. What I'd failed to notice though was the Amori pasta shapes were hollow, or rather filled with boiling water...  

Yes, more blisters and this time a lot of pain. I'd scalded my bottom lip, chin and cleavage - I'm never one to do anything by halves!  I certainly wasn't feeling the love for this pasta. But with true dedication to my cooking I soldiered on and ate the pasta, stopping frequently to apply ice cubes to my lip (the other areas were already doused in aloe vera). 

Thankfully though the blisters have healed well, especially the largest and ugliest one that was on my bottom lip and I'm confident that shortly I'll be able to quiver my bottom lip again with the best of them and there will be no lasting damage. 

I'm not finding it funny yet either (though I'm sure I will at some point in the future) and thankfully MOH hasn't been so ungainly as to giggle or even guffaw in front of me either...

I'm hoping for a more elegant week next week (but no promises!)

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