Flashback Friday: A family picnic in Greenwich Park

In May 2003, the summer after we moved into our house here in Blackheath, we invited our families over for a picnic in Greenwich Park. There were twelve of us in total and no doubt enough food to feed twice that many, even though we'd tried to be organised and allocate each household items to bring!

I remember loading the car up with food, deck chairs, picnic blankets, cool bags, nieces and mums for the short drive to Greenwich Park. We took the car to save the men folk lugging all of this (mums and nieces excluded) as they walked there, and so we could chose and claim our spot in the park unaided. 

The highlight of the day was the informal cricket game, with everyone taking a role at some point during the game (even if that was deckchair umpire!). The game itself was the non-scoring type (I think) and was drawing attention and support from those nearby also picnic-ing. There was the diving catch from my brother-in-law which any international cricketer would have been proud of and there was the young girl sunbathing who somehow managed to be in the field of play at one point. 

There's photos too, which I found recently. It's lucky I did as my brother has no recollection of the day and therefore it did not happen. That means it's not him in the turquoise and black striped top in the photos below...

Sisters setting out the stumps

My brother (striped top) who was not there

Some serious batting is about to take place

Our secret weapon bowler

And all the time the band accompanied us!

Fun times indeed!

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