Operation Dogwood is now complete!

Back in February 2013 we bought ten bare rooted dogwood plants and immediately planted them into my vegetable bed (aka Operation Dogwood). In May the same year we'd moved five to where we wanted them, then with all the decorating work, the warm summer, the wet winter things stalled and the other five remained in my veg bed...

It didn't matter so much last summer as we didn't have much spare time for growing veg, as most of our spare time was spent wiping away the daily layer of dust the builders managed to create. But this year I wanted them moved. 

They turned out to be easier to move than I expected, and the rain following their move has really helped them - and saved me lugging watering can after watering can up the garden. Every cloud and all that...

I've moved the final five to the corner where the new trellis went up last July and they're helping to finish that area off.


I also discovered some new self-seeded ornamental grasses too, so these have also been re-positioned. 


I'm hoping the Jasmine will really take off in this part of the garden this year too (you can see it in the corner of the trellis above) and grow to cover the trellis. It's taken us a while to recover this part of the garden following our neighbour's out of control bonfire, but now we're getting there.  And it's best not to ask about "The Fire" as I may just tell you...

The five dogwoods that moved first (in May 2013) are still doing well alongside the mock orange on the left and the yew on the right - both of which will need a trim this year so they don't completely crowd out the younger plants. But thankfully, not just yet!


So this means Operation Dogwood is now complete. And it's nice to have my veg bed back, for growing veg in!  That's mostly sown with seeds now, so it's just a case of waiting for things to germinate, and weeding. Lots of weeding!