Photo-journal: Beeley to Bakewell by foot (but back by bus!)

Over that cheese scone the other day MOH mooted the idea of walking to Bakewell. My immediate thought was it was too far, but looking at the map it didn't look to be that much further than walking from Beeley to Pilsley and back.  

So agreeing to walk there, I started negotiations to get the bus back.  

With that agreed, it was set we would walk into Bakewell on market day.  Not only was it dry, it was warmer than we expected too, which was nice and as a result we're both sporting a sun-kissed glow!

We headed out across the field, the one with the sheep and cows, luckily the cows were down by the river (as the farmer predicted) and didn't spot us (or even if they did we were too quick for them) so we were able to walk across the field without any drama.  Phew. 

Instead of heading into Chatsworth Park we turned left towards the Chatsworth garden centre (they really do have everything covered) and up over the hills towards Bakewell. There were of course, more sheep.  And hills. And we were heading up them.  I had a few strategic photo stops along the way...

It really is beautiful here.  See those trees at the top there, in the photo above yes that's where we were heading. When we got there there was this stile to mountaineer over. Just what I needed with jelly legs!

But after that it was mostly downhill and thankfully this was about the most mud we saw (I'm not good with mud, even with my walking boots on). 

Then we stumbled across this, which was unexpected. My gut instinct was to turn right and after consulting the map (extensively) MOH agreed we should turn right. Thankfully it turned out to be right!

So off we went through the bluebells. 

And across some fallen trees. 

Before ringing the bell and crossing the golf course - no photos I'm afraid as I was too busy looking out for low flying golf balls, as I imagined they'd hurt a lot if they got you!

Then we emerged into a space with these alpacas, I really am having a wildlife holiday!

Sneaking past without distracting them from the very important business of eating, we let ourselves into a lane which led onto a proper street and then we were pretty much in the town. It was amazing how quickly our surroundings changed!

So after nearly seven miles we were here in Bakewell, we arrived as the agricultural market was starting to wind down but there were still plenty of other market trading going on. MOH was keen to find a barbers but in the end was unlucky. We found a couple, one shut and the other fully booked - it wasn't until we found the shut one that I remembered that closing on Monday is a hairdresser thing, a thing which completely stumped MOH. Even in London hairdressers shut on a Monday, but to be fair he's very much a barbers rather than hairdressers man!

I'd checked the bus timetable, having stumbled across the bus stop by chance and discovered our bus back was at ten past three or half past four - we opted for the latter, despite a timid suggestion from MOH that we could walk back. Ahem, the agreement was to bus it back...  We asked in the Tourist Information what we'd thought was a fairly easy question - how much were bus fares - only to be told that he didn't know as he didn't use them.  Right, thanks for that - btw it's £1.90 

We boarded the roller coaster double decker, scrambled upstairs while my advocados rolled out of my shopping bag as I tried to put my change in my purse and my purse in my bag. Advocados recovered and purse in my handbag I quickly re-lived bus journeys of my schooldays; to avoid the queasiness I tried three more seats before I was comfortable much to MOH's dismay!  

Anyway we alighted in Beeley without incident and advocados under control and made it home for a celebratory tea and cake - clearly after today's adventures it was Bakewell tart - and clocking up a total of 9.75 miles today. 

And more importantly I haven't agreed to any further walks... yet!