The Gallery 185: Faces

I'm joining in with Tara's The Gallery for the first time this week, the theme this time round is faces.

For me, violas have cheeky faces and each year I have some in my garden in memory of my long-departed cheeky ginger and white cat, Quickly. * 

Every time I look at them, I smile and remember the cheeky antics he got up too.  Whether it was climbing behind the large wall unit at my parents and knocking on the cupboard door to be let out having squeezed himself actually into the unit or when he "helped" with the rewiring necessary in my first house. 

There really couldn't have been a cheekier cat!  And violas are a great tribute to him. 

Quickly, my cheeky ginger & white puss-cat

* I have plant tributes for each of my cats (there were four) in our garden, for me it's a good way to remember them fondly. At some point I'll share which plants I have as tributes to the other three.

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