While we were away, our garden grew...

I know, shocking isn't it?!  Mostly it seems to have grown inwards; it's not a wide garden - perhaps fifteen foot at the end nearest

 the house, but it goes back a long way and dog-legs to the left of the table and chairs which you can see in the photo below:

Taken from the first floor, looking down our garden

The laburnum is in full flower, and looked gorgeous against today's blue sky:

A closer, ground floor view of the Laburnum

With all the fence work earlier this year, we removed a lot of the ivy. This has meant this plant has thrived - it came from my dad many years ago and I've no idea what it's called, but having dispensed of the ivy, it's thriving!

It's best year yet!

If you know what it is, please comment and let me know - thanks.

So looking down the garden, the bushes have got bushier and now need a good trim!

A  very bushy Euonymus 

Lots of our plants are now in bud, this is the crimson wegielia, we also have white and pale pink varieties along the garden.

The wegielia is in bud

It seems a branch from our Lilac has had enough and has taken to growing horizontally, for some reason. MOH was all for cutting it off but I tucked it behind one of the other branches as I'm keen to keep the young growth as I think we'll need to cut out some of the older growth once it stops flowering. 

What's happened to our Lilac?

The strawberries I'd moved a week or so before were going well too:

Yum, strawberries...

The seedlings - mostly lettuce and tomatoes - in the greenhouse have done well, and the wet towel has done its job keeping the seed trays damp. The many (nine at last count) Aloe Vera's which over-wintered in the greenhouse, also survived. Unfortunately the spring onions, sown direct didn't but that's because I didn't make any provision for them - doh! I'll plant some in my raised bed tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have better luck with those. 

My tomato seedlings, are still just that. They're not plants at all yet and I hope they'll get a shift on or I'll need to buy some plants from the garden centre. 

The lettuce seedlings, the ones in the greenhouse also survived, I'd planted some out in case it was warm and fried the greenhouse ones. I'd rigged a mesh canopy over the ones planted outside which I hoped would offer them some protection...

My lettuce canopy

And it seemed to work, the outside ones survived too. The weeds seemed to like it too!

Lettuce seedlings, mesh canopy and weeds!

The other downside is our lack of cherries, they were there when we left! I was ready to blame the pigeons and I'm sure they're not totally innocent but the main culprits seem to be the squirrels. There was one sitting in the tree as I was weeding the lettuces earlier... Well until I realised and shared my views with him, politely of course!

Spot the cherry...

There's one, two...

...but not many!

All in all the garden did ok. But there's still so much to do, as always!  Gardens do have a habit of growing at this time of year, don't they?!

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