Word of the week: Hectic

It's been a busy week here and I've found myself jumping from one thing to another, sometimes even things I planned to do!

That hasn't meant it's been a bad week, far from it - it's good to be busy!   And it's amazing how much you can achieve, even when busy-ness threatens to take over, when you set your mind to it.

Online, it's been great to have so many comments and to welcome new people to my blog. I've shared my Facebook page too, although it's still early days over there.  On Twitter I took part in the relatively new #GreenwichHour Tuesday evening which involved me frantically trying to keep up - perhaps cooking tea at the same time was a little ambitious!

And in real life too.  There were chores on Monday when I really wanted to be out in the sun with my feet up - I managed to get an hour or so, so as I said it hasn't been bad.  My volunteer work with Severndroog Castle is starting to get going too, and while there's still much to do it looks like it'll be really interesting. I'm pretty sure I'll share more about that at some point, but not yet. 

And there was running for the train on Wednesday to make sure I wasn't late meeting friends  - I got it and wasn't late, and didn't feel anywhere near as out-of-puff as I thought I might be, so that was a bonus.

Add to that working out how to include "hold baggage" to our upcoming flight booking - I did it in the end, but they don't make things easy. And the scare I had from the email that told me check-in for the flight next month was open already - I wondered what day I'd actually booked the flight for and had visions of the flight and hotel being booked for different weeks, but they weren't. Phew.

And I've been trying to keep up with the Chelsea Flower Show (mostly unsuccessfully!)  And I remembered the MOT is due on my car next week too.  Oh! And the unthinkable almost happened. Yes, we were nearly out of wine...

I think you get the idea of how it's been...  That's why my word this week is hectic!

The Reading Residence