52 Cookbooks #23: White bean and artichoke salad

This week my recipe comes from Hugh's River Cottage Veg Everyday, and I must say the front cover features a very smart and neatly barbered Mr F-W. I'm a big HFW fan but I think the longer-haired version is more in keeping with his character!

This is a lovely summery salad. It could be a main, but I chose to serve it as a side dish alongside BBQ-ed sausages and it worked a treat. 

The recipe calls for artichokes in oil, but I tend to buy them tinned as they last longer in our cupboard that way, and are a useful thing to have in your store cupboard as they're quite at home on a handmade pizza. 

So they had some colour I fried them ahead of softening the garlic in oil and they ended up with some lovely chargrilled bits. Yum. 

This is a bit of a tin openers dream recipe but that also means it's quick and easy to do and therefore I'm likely to do it again!

So after you've softened the garlic in oil for a few minutes, add the white beans - I used butter beans but cannellini beans would also be good. Heat those for a few minutes and then add the artichokes. 

When everything's warm add the juice of half a lemon and some seasoning.  Add it to ready 

prepared salad leaves on a plate and top with chopped parsley and some Parmesan (or goats cheese would also work if you were having this as a main meal). 

Then tuck in!

BTW the sausages I used were chicken & herb chipolatas from my local butchers (G G Sparkes on Old Dover Road - a fantastic place!) and I untwisted two of them and squeezed the meat along to even it out before rolling into a Catherine Wheel and securing with a skewer before adding them to the BBQ. 

The verdict:

  • Easy to do and yummy to eat - what's not to like?!

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