Love this #36: Canopy and stars BBQ marinades

I'm a fan of Sawday's special places - we've stayed at a couple, one in Bath the other in Wimereaux in France - and both were excellent. Some friends have recently gone glamping, so I thought I'd take a closer look and then I found that Sawday's does glamping.  Woohoo!

They even have a Guide to Glamping, which they call their infoglamphic.  You can use this to find out what kind of glamper you are - the scale ranges from "Scot of the glamptartic" through to "Pamper Champer Hamper Glamper" (try and say that one fast!) 

I particularly like the category "Lady wot glamps" - I think I probably could, if I chose carefully!  There's other fun stuff in their infoglamphic, but there's also some really tasty looking BBQ marinades, look:

Source: Canopy & Stars infoglamphic, click for a larger version 

So if your sausages are already losing their sizzle here's five ideas to pep up your BBQ!