Magpie Monday: A bargain wine rack

In January we got around to buying the unit that stole our hearts many years before -

see Loved it, bought it and now it's here! - and since then we've gradually been filling it up. Some sections though have been easier to fill than others... actually make that the closed sections have been easier to fill!

I knew I wanted to store our "good" glasses in here - see Wine glass racks: not just for bars - which took up two sections in the end. Another closed section was taken up with some bottles and cocktail paraphernalia, which left the last closed section for junk!

The open sections have been trickier to fill; the first filled was with a bottle lamp and a much-loved colourful plate from our first visit to Barcelona. And then we stumbled for a bit until I remembered we had a hurricane lamp that would look great in another of the sections. 

So that left the two lower open sections. Hmmnn. 

The bottom section had me stumped for what to display there but suddenly - Bing! -  I had the inspirational idea of a wine rack!

Practical too... now all I needed was to find a wine rack that would fit...

And would you believe it but on Friday I did just that - and I wasn't even trying!  Just look at this little beauty:

As I walked to the shops I went past the new Mental Health Activity Trust charity shop this was sitting on the table outside. It was clearly meant to be!  

And it was only £1!

The pine had even been stained darker too, which was good as I wasn't keen on having a pine rack in our lovely reclaimed teak unit and had thought I'd need to do that myself...

Here it is in situ:

Yeap, who am I trying to kid - this is how you expected to see it, isn't it?

So now I just have the final section to fill, at the moment I've an Ansel Adams book of prints and our wedding photo book in there but it needs something else. I will try to wait as patiently as I can until the right thing comes my way...

Love Chic Living and Love Your Home
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