The Longest Day: Patio Cleaning, Candles and Cocktails

Last Saturday was the longest day, and what a glorious day it was too.

This was the relaxing end to our busy longest day - candles, cocktails and a barbecue:

We spent the morning cleaning and scrubbing the new-ish patio (it was laid last summer) which for one reason or another we hadn't sealed. So after a wet winter the sandstone was looking a bit green in places. With the forecast good we decided this was the weekend to tackle this. 

It was scrubbed, and hosed down

And then we applied the sealant, which immediately sunk into the sandstone, so we contined to paint it on until it would take no more!

On the label it said leave for three hours to dry.  So cocktails in hand we happily left it and kept our travels across it to a minimum. It wasn't sticky, just not dried out yet. 

Then the next day, we knew it'd worked as water globules now just pool on the surface - how cool!!

All in all a very productive longest day here at 139a!