Watching the Wimbledon Qualifying tournament

The week before the Wimbledon Championships the qualifying tournament is held in Roehampton and if you saw my G in the #AlphabetPhoto then you'll know this year I popped down on the second day of the tournament.  What a treat.

After spending some time getting my bearings and checking out the large scoreboard – with a white wine spritzer in hand of course - I headed over towards the courts.

There was tennis everywhere you looked.

I decided to position myself between Courts 3 and 4 and spent a good couple of hours watching a couple of games on both courts.

On Court 4 at the start of her game Ashleigh Barty from Australia was prevented from wearing her cap as the underside of the brim was navy, not white.  And this year the “all kit should be white” rule will be more strictly enforced – a replacement cap was sent for by the umpire and then the game could start.

I took many pictures of the games I saw and here’s a selection in this video:

I was pleased when I checked the tournament results at the end of the week and discovered that Alex Kuznetsov, an American had qualified.  He played on the first Monday of the Championships against the Italian Fabio Fognini (16) but unfortunately didn’t make it through that five set match, losing the fifth set 9-7.

Ashleigh Barty, the other player I was following didn’t qualify for the Ladies Singles, but she is taking part – and is still in – the Mixed Doubles tournament, so I’ll be keeping an eye out for her.

The other people that deserve a mention are the ball boys and girls that chatted to me on Court 4 inbetween games.  It was a hot day and they were doing a brilliant job – especially as it was only the second day of the tournament and they’re doing it for real.  Some of them are at Wimbledon and they were very much looking forward to it, I hope they have the experience of a lifetime as they deserve it.

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