Word of the week: Bolo

Yes, bolo - that's cake in Portuguese. Cake is clearly very important to them here, and I've always been a fan, so that's why my word this week is bolo.

We've been in the Alentejo region of Portugal this week, based just outside Zambujeira do Mar.  It's our second time here, it's so peaceful and beautiful we always knew we'd be back, and perhaps we were just a tinscy bit influenced by the cake...

When we arrived we were given the tour of our accommodation by the owner (we've got a mini-apartment which is gorgeous, but more on that and our trip to follow) and the cake was the first thing he showed us in the kitchen!  And it was on a cake stand!  I mean that's some serious cake love, there I was thinking "this is my sort of place" when things got even better...

We were told this cake is for breakfast and would be replenished during the week. Yes, I double-checked that bit and even managed to keep a straight face!

We're now on our third cake (yes, we've been restrained) and all the work I did being healthy before we arrived may have been undone, but it's been divine!

The Reading Residence