Word of the Week: Nocturnal

This week I seem to have developed a nocturnal trait, suddenly becoming wide awake at 10-10:30pm which means I start doing something at this time of night...

I've found myself catching up on blog reading or writing blog posts or sorting through digital holiday photos and uploading them to Flickr and even sorting through my iCloud backups to create more free space.  

...And then I get engrossed and all of a sudden it's gone midnight - where did that time go?

There's a knock-on effect too, in that I'm not as zippy the following morning - I'm not really a morning person anyway - so that's not a great result for me. MOH though has taken to bringing me a cup of tea in bed before he leaves for work, so that's a bonus!

It's not been a bad week, but I'm hoping I can "fix" my body clock so it's slightly less nocturnal. 

And don't worry, it hasn't stopped me getting out into this lovely sunshine!

The Reading Residence