Word of the Week: Video

This week I've spent a lot of time learning, thinking about, planning, recording and re-recording videos, so it's an obvious choice as my word of the week.

I'll admit I'm of the generation where videos aren't natural to me - I'm talking short internet-based clips, rather than the chunky black lumps of plastic here. So having spotted a job which I wanted to apply for which needed a video of you as part of the application, there was nothing else for it but to throw myself into video and record a short clip of myself. 

I've spent time watching more online videos than I ever have before, setting up and customising my YouTube channel and recording myself many times!  And d'you know what? I think this video thing may catch on...!

And the result is I have a 1 minute 28 second clip of me. It's not perfect, nor does it include any whizzy effects but I'm happy with it and I've submitted it - I'm sure there's more I could have done, and hopefully I'll be able to feel more comfortable with this type of communication the more I immerse myself in it!

So, if you're feeling brave then feel free to check out my YouTube channel!

The Reading Residence