52 Cookbooks #27: Pasta with chicken, sage and onion butter

It's been a funny couple of weeks cooking-wise here as with MOH ill he hasn't really had much appetite.  And the food he wants is plainer than we'd usually have as he's finding everything - especially garlic - much stronger than usual.

52 Cookbooks: the challenge is to cook a 

new recipe from one of my (


cookbooks each week for a year...

That left me in a bit of a quandary on which cookbook to use this week, but then I remembered this Gary Rhodes book which I hoped might help me out. 

It says on the cover "one simple recipe for every day" and thankfully there were two or three possibles that I thought he'd go for.  I was right and in the end I opted for this pasta recipe as I had some leftover roast chicken that I could use.

While flicking through this book there were quite a few recipes that I probably would cook too, so I must remember to look at this book again when I can be a little more adventurous...

The recipes are more classical, as you'd expect from Gary Rhodes - but no worse for it.  Anyway onto this recipe.  It assumes uncooked chicken but substituting cooked chicken (and changing the cooking order) worked perfectly well.

The other ingredients are pasta (of your choice - I used fusilli), a red onion, a clove of garlic (yes I snuck one in and got away with it), butter and sage.

I mean chicken, onions, butter and garlic - what can go wrong!

The sauce is really just melted butter and I added some of the pasta's cooking water to help things gel more.  The sage is roughly torn and it's added a short while before the pasta so it has time to soften and flavour the butter. 

The verdict

  • This was an easy to cook and tasty pasta dish
  • It was great with leftover chicken, but equally you could use uncooked chicken (as the recipe says)
  • I'd make this again and could easily see this becoming part of my repertoire
  • MOH scoffed the lot, with it hardly touching the sides so I'm taking that as a good thing!