Papery Peep: Magazines, Books & thinking on paper

This month the paper in my life has reverted to reading material - I'm a sucker for magazines and here's a selection of the ones I've been browsing. 

I've found the best way (by that I mean the cheapest way) is to subscribe to the magazines I want to read; cheapest because publishers often offer deals for pre-ordering but also cheaper because I'm not tempted by anything else on the shelf.  I'll admit this isn't great news for newsagents, but it's better for me!  I've a stash of Good Food and Olive magazines going back many years (the Good Food ones start in 2003 but Olive not until 2010) which is a lot of magazines.

I've tried digital versions of both Good Food and Olive and while it's handy to stand the iPad in the kitchen to follow, it's not the same as having a proper copy in your hands!

This month I've also made time to actually read "Notes from a Blue Bike" by Tsh Oxenreider as I figured there was little point having pre-ordered this and never reading it.

The sub-title of the book is "The Art of Living Intentionally in a Chaotic World" - I'm relating to lots of it but haven't yet worked out a way to do this myself.  The nub of the book is that life is chaotic but we can choose to live it differently even though it doesn't always feel like we have the freedom to do so.  It's an easy read and there's lots of personal and humorous stories in the book so it doesn't feel like you're being told how to do it.

Tsh blogs at if you want to find out more.  I think this is a book I'll read again most probably pretty soon after I've finished it, just so I can pick out the sections most pertinent to me.

There's another book on the horizon too as last weekend my mum shared her latest paperback read with me.  I'm not expecting this to be such a thought provoking book as the one above but I've a feeling it'll be perfect for on the sun lounger with a nice cold drink and hopefully it'll be as "unputdownable" as it says on the cover.

Mum acquired this on a recent holiday of theirs when one of her fellow cruisers left it outside their state room (aka cabin) for her.  She's passed it to me and usually after I've read it I'd drop it off at the charity shop, however this time I may hang onto it for Jocelyn's next book swap.

And I've rediscovered that I think better on paper! 

After procrastinating for a while the way to unblock my thoughts is to get them down on paper and for something transitory like this I'll tend to use a bit of scrap paper as I tend to doodle all over the place and box things off as I think and quite honestly it's not pretty so I don't want to use my nice notebooks for this. 

Hmmnn, perhaps I should get a thinking notebook...

Anyway here's my latest thought process, which has helped me plan my blog posts over the next few weeks - or at least identify what blog posts there will be. 

I've "poster-ised" it so I don't spoil what's coming! 

Finally if you're on Instagram  - I started using it today, you can follow me

here - I plan to take part in Jocelyn's #31daysofpaper with a papery photo for each day.  Right now I'm not sure where I'll start so wish me luck, and why not join in on Instagram yourself?

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