Spotted: some teeny-weeny tomatoes

It's been a while since I shared a veg plot update, mostly they've been about my battles with wildlife  (see How my garden fared fending for itself). Thankfully that all seems to have settled down and my veg has been allowed to grow in peace and quiet!

Traditionally my garden is a bit behind other gardens, I put that down to it being North facing - that and the fact I'm normally a bit behind with my planting too!

After a false start or two, my tomatoes are now doing well - I've even spotted some teeny-weeny tomatoes on a couple of the plants, so it's looking good. 

They're on one of the Supersweet 100s and they're the biggest fruits I have (so far); one of the Rosadas is also starting to develop some baby plum-shaped tomatoes but they're too small to photograph just yet. 

There's plenty of flowers on the other plants, so I remain hopeful for many tomatoes towards the end of the summer. 

In the greenhouse the Redskin peppers are doing well, there's three on one plant and a couple on the other. At the moment they're decidedly green but give them time...

I don't usually have much success with peppers so I'm pleased to see these growing.

And dare I hope this is the first of many cucumbers?  Fingers crossed...

Every time I grow cucumbers their "curly telephone wire" amaze and amuse me, and this year it's no different...

The lettuces are still doing well - these are Cos 'Freckles' so are supposed to have that red fleck on - and we've been self-sufficient in lettuce for the past three or so weeks.

The lollo rosso are also coming along - with no adverse effects of growing under an old mushroom box - and along with some baby chard leaves add some variety to our salads. 

The coriander is pretty sturdy and I must remember to use it before it goes to seed, but the basil is still being a tad shy!

The Borlotti beans (not pictured) have reached the top of their frame and want to grow some more despite being pinched out;  no flowers yet, they're still trying to go upwards!

The dwarf beans - Purple Teepee - have the most gorgeous purple flowers on them so I'm hoping for some beans soon. The pods are a lovely deep purple, which unfortunately turn green with cooking (even with a drop of vinegar in the water). 

My second sowing of climbing beans have also failed to germinate, which is disappointing as we eat a lot of beans. I moved the pot incase they didn't like where they were, but it seems they don't like the new place either. The soil hasn't been disturbed so I can't lay blame on the squirrels...

Who knows, I'll have a third go I think but may also try a germination test on the seeds just incase they've given up completely and I really am wasting my time.


Well that's all from me, how's your veg plot growing?