Word of the week: Chicken Pox

Yes I know that's two words, but neither on their own really sums up the week (although pox would be closest!)

Like many, I had chicken pox when I was a child, however we discovered this week that MOH didn't. He's catching up though and has it now, in his forties. And as the websites predict he's got it bad, infact I think his chicken pox have chicken pox. 

He's feeling quite poorly with it too which isn't great to see (and no doubt experience) and his medication is growing. As well as the ones shown below there's now some antibiotics and antivirals from the doctor.

The problem is he needs to eat before taking the tablets, but doesn't really have much appetite.   So he eats, takes the necessary tablets. And then feels dizzy and sick. So it's chicken and egg really.  And quite poxy all round.

Then there's the fever. He's always cold - I'm the hot one - but now he's burning up and then he's shivering. We've sussed out the bedding for this now by layering an empty duvet cover, our usual summer duvet and the another throw all of which can be pulled up or thrown off as needed without disturbing me too much!

I'm also ready with the porridge oats for the bath (they go into a sock, not straight into the bathwater!) which people have said helps ease the itching. He's not at that stage yet but I'm sure it won't be long. 

He's off to the doctors again on Monday for her to check how he's doing and so she can predict when he might be ready to return to work...

It's not been a great week - probably more so for him than me - but it really is a very nasty virus, here's hoping he's over the worst of it. X

The Reading Residence