Word of the week: Go!

It's just a short word to sum up this week for me, and that's go!

It's perhaps a strange choice for this week, with MOH still at home and still full of chicken pox we haven't really gone anywhere. Well apart from Monday, when he came back from the doctors with the news that he needed to go to A&E for more tests. 

We were there for four hours - quite quick really for an A&E trip - and we were well looked after. Because he was probably still contagious we had our own room - it doubled up as a bit of a makeshift storeroom too, but that worked out ok as it meant they didn't forget us as they were regularly in and out!

MOH wasn't too impressed though when he had to go to the Imaging department in a wheelchair for a chest x-ray; worse still I had to push him back to A&E in it! Thankfully they gave him the all clear and we could go home again. It was all too much for him and he dozed for the rest of the day, which is most unlike him. 

The other go/no-go decision this week has been about our planned trip to Devon to visit MOH's aunt. And it was only decided yesterday after the go ahead from the doctor that morning, she said it's ok to go as MOH is no longer contagious, although many of his spots remain. 

So it's go, go, go for Devon - although he's under strict orders not to overdo it - and as he's got to go for another blood test and back to the doctors again next week so she can give him the go ahead to go back to work, he really won't be able to... yep, you've guessed it...go for it!  

So as you can see, go is perfect for my week!

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