500 Miles: The result - I did it!

So before I start I should say this wasn't an extreme challenge - I mean I gave myself five and a half months - it was always about incorporating more activity into my home-based life.  When I set myself this challenge back in February - when my lifestyle changed - I thought I should and would do it, but by June I was beginning to wonder if I would or not...

Well the end of July has passed and yes I did it.

That makes me happy!  In fact I managed to walk 554.78 miles since I set myself the target. So somehow I managed to cram in an "extra" 54 or so miles.  So phew!

Now my challenge will be to keep going and to keep active, without the public updates. 

Will I set myself anymore challenges?  

Who knows, but I've no plans for anything right now. To celebrate reaching (and exceeding) my target I'm planning on taking part in the #augustbreak2014 photography challenge on Instagram.  Which is another good thing!

...That should give me reason enough to get myself out and about!

The Good Things