A new light, the Statue of Liberty and a timely reminder

At some point while the evenings were still light our previous outside light gave up. Well it did eventually - it was an auto-sensor light - and went through a prolonged phase of flickering for no reason, refusing to come on even though the bulb wasn't dead and then eventually it gave up. I suspect when it realised we weren't paying any attention (because the nights were light) and because it knew we had plans to replace it anyway. 

Buying a new one was trickier than we thought it'd be and tbh trickier than it ever should be. The selection on offer at our local B&Q was dire and a tad twee and neither of us liked any of them. After the third time of looking at the same lights, and the choice available not improving there was only one thing for it, and that was to look somewhere else!

Radical, hey?!

The criteria was:

  • Nothing too twee, cheap looking or olde-worlde lantern-y (so nothing from B&Q!)

  • Nothing too overly modern as we still have a house built sometime between 1840-1890

  • Must have an auto-sensor thingy (so helpful when your door keys have worked their way down to the bottom of your bag, again...)

  • Ideally the base plate would be the same shape/size as the existing light to minimise further redecorations to the external plasterwork

You can see why it's taken a while now can't you?!

But we managed it - a light was found and was thought to match all the criteria (did you work out which were mine and which were MOH's?) so it was duly ordered.  And almost less than two weeks of it arriving it's up - wahoo - and looking very smart too.

I lift my lamp beside the golden door!  ...Well actually our door is more of a grey-green!

However getting it put up provided its own challenge...

We did it ourselves...

My job was to pass the right screwdriver to MOH with the deftness of a dental nurse, unfortunately I must have missed that part of my training or wedding vows as I was clearly picking the wrong one up on purpose...

Seemingly unable to select the unknown correct screwdriver from the set of five assembled I was given a new job. That was to hold the new light in place. Well on the plus side it was a great arm work out and now I can sincerely say I have every sympathy with the Statue of Liberty, as there I was holding the new light in place while MOH did I know not what (probably reading the paper and having a right old chuckle to himself indoors!)

Anyway MOH returns and just like the dentist that fills your mouth with dental tools and then asks how you are, I'm standing on our doorstep Statue-of-Liberty-esque and MOH asks is it level? 

I can't see from here, dear... so he moves to hold the light and stands directly in front of it. 

I can't see with you standing in front of it dear... So begrudgingly he moves to the Statue of Liberty role. Sadly it was pretty straight so there was little opportunity of revenge and the "up a bit, down a bit" routine!

But anyway the light is up!

And it provided a timely reminder of why we usually get a man in!