Love this #39: Hopscotch & Skipping Ropes

Hopscotch has gone upmarket!


Hopscotch vinyl floor sticker from Not On The High

I remember playing hopscotch for hours on end growing up in South east London using chalk to draw the grid.  Usually it turned out a bit wonky but that was I'm sure part of its charm.

At primary school I remember  it was painted onto the playground, in yellow paint which I thought was dead posh. 

Nowadays - oh dear, that makes me sound old - Not On The High have this vinyl floor sticker which is available in a variety of colours for £49.  It looks just as much fun though! And just look at that skipping rope nonchalantly laid next to the four...

Actually I think I've still got a skipping rope upstairs somewhere...

I found it - and yes of course I was tempted to have a go!  The rope was surprisingly long, and thankfully I didn't get myself tangled up in it. I did that before many years ago and ended up in A&E and plaster up to my knee, but that's a story for another time!

It says: Stephanie Robinson from Twinkle (in my Dad's handwriting!!)