Love this #40: Neon Jute Twine

Just look at this garden twine...


Neon garden twine by Nutscene, see here for details

... It's neon and it's by Nutscene, see here for details.

While buff garden twine is functional and the dark green twine is, well frankly dull the same can't be said of these.  There's neon pink, green, orange and yellow to choose from to zazz up your garden. 

They're  a 2-ply Jute twine so can go in your compost bin too.  They're definitely sassy and were developed to celebrate the centenery year of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.  

They're reasonably priced at just £3.40 a roll, although you'd probably want to find some other goodies to buy as the postage (for up to 6 small items) is £5.95 - but to be honest I don't think that'd be too hard!

I'm torn between the green and the pink - the pink would be great for tying in our everlasting sweet peas, which after a slow start continue to flower. 

But on the other hand our garden is quite green so introducing yet another shade of green might be overkill, so perhaps it should be orange instead?

Yesterday during the onslaught of Bertha (which was loud, wet and not too bad) I did some online plant shopping and am now awaiting the arrival of (amongst other plants, seeds and bulbs!) two crocosmias - a red Emberglow and a yellow Columbus - to mix in with the ubiquitous orange Lucifers we already have throughout the garden. 

So the orange would work well with these and my "much-yearned-after-but-still-to-produce-any-this-year" Red Hot Pokers!

Yes pink and orange it is then!