Love this #41: Liberty print nightdress

Last week the usual Liberty email popped into my mailbox, as usual I gave it a quick scan but then this caught my eye.

For more details see the Liberty website

It's actually a nightdress in Liberty's red Franche print.  Initially I mistook it for a summer dress... It's cotton and has spaghetti straps with "tonal inserts" which look to be purple in the same print.  Somehow a Liberty print nightdress never occurred to me, but now I've seen this one I wonder why not!

At £75 it's not cheap, but it's a Liberty nightdress so it was never going to be.  What I may need though is a visit to Regent Street to check this out in person. And who knows I may just end up leaving with one, assuming it's not quite as long as it looks in this picture.

If it is longer than I'd want for a nightdress then I wonder if it'd work as a summer dress after all?  And plan B for a nightdress might actually be to buy some material and a pattern and make one myself. Although to be honest I don't have a great track record of making nightdresses...

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to make one back in senior school as a 13 year old. I remember the material, white with a small brown and green flower pattern but only have a vague recollection of the style.  I think it was quite flouncy, especially around the neckline... which is odd really as I've never really been a flouncy sort of girl. Those New Romantic white flouncy shirts really weren't my thing!

If it did get finished I'm pretty sure it never or very rarely got worn.  Perhaps at 13 I was still learning fussy necklines weren't (and still aren't) my thing!

Oh well, perhaps I'd better hope this'd work as a nightie after all!

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