N is for... Newlyweds

This week my N is for Newlyweds - which we were seven years ago - and I've snapped some of my favourite shots from our wedding album.  Seven years seems both a long time and no time at all!

This is my absolute favourite photo from the day, and it's the one we have on our bookshelf (we don't have a mantelpiece otherwise it'd be on there!)


After the wedding ceremony, while the coach took our guests back to our house for the wedding reception MOH and I had a stroll around Blackheath Village - like you do - popping into one of the wine bars there for a glass of bubbly as well as some more relaxed photo opportunities.

It was a great idea to have some time with just the two of us (and the photographer of course!) before heading back to the reception.  MOH had been especially nervous during the ceremony and neither of us are big on having our photos taken but our photographer was great and put us both at ease and captured some great shots of our big day.


I love the two ladies' reactions in the background of the shot above - there's a whole series of shots where they spot us, point us out to each other and then beam from ear to ear for the camera.  I'm a detail person and often it's what's in the background as well as in the foreground that makes a great photo. 

We had lots of laughs throughout the day - as well as a teeny tiny bit of angst regarding transporting 50+ guests between venues, but that worked out in the end thanks to our brother-in-law, a mobile phone and lots of pacing around and negotiating with the coach company before the ceremony started - so I thought I'd share one last photo of us both giggling away during the speeches.


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