O is for... Orbit

This week my O is for Orbit or as it's officially known the ArcelorMittal Orbit.  It's in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park over in Stratford and is the UK's tallest sculpture at 114.5 metres tall.  And we can usually see it as we walk to our local parade of shops, just "behind" the O2 (or in old money the Millennium Dome) which also could have been my O, now I think about it...

During the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics we had three trips to the Olympic Park to watch Waterpolo, Handball and Athletics and it was on our last visit for the Paralympic Athletics that we were also able to book a slot to go up Orbit - it was fantastic. 

This was the view from the bottom looking up:

And this was our view through to the Athletics session that had already started and the one we would join just as soon as we left the Orbit.  That was a great experience too and was the Thursday evening that Jonnie Peacock, Hannah Cockcroft and David Weir all won gold - such a fantastic and emotional evening, we left the stadium with no voices and wearing our Union flags!

And just for good measure, here's a more usual shot of the sculpture.  

Now all we need to do is go back to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park now it's reopened to the public... Hmmmn, now there's an idea.

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