PaperyPeep: August's #31daysofpaper

In last month's PaperyPeep I told you I'd be taking part in Jocelyn's #31daysofpaper Instagram challenge - well today's the last day and I've had a fab time reminding myself of the paper I have around me.  So I thought I'd share some of the daily pictures (you can see them all and more here) - some of my favourites and some that the lovely people of Instagram liked too.  Although it was tough narrowing it down, but I've decided on seven...

There's been some fab memories along the way, including my much-loved Twinkle albums.  And I even found my skipping rope from the magazine...  such memories! And yes I may just have spent some time looking through these!  It seems that the Instagrammers also had fond memories of Twinkle too. 

Day 5: Childhood

For the creative prompt I chose the spoils from my afternoon Lino Printing back in February - you can read more about that workshop here:

Getting to grips with Lino Printing

Day 9: Creative

For the 'S' prompt, I chose my stamp album - well you can tell how old it is - the stamps are mostly under 10p...

Day10: S

I was stumped for the animal prompt until I remembered the hand-carved stamps we bought in India on our honeymoon. I'd forgotten how beautiful they are and last night we caught up with the BBC's Hotel India and that brought back so many memories of a beautiful country.

Day 19: Animal

For the L prompt I chose these letters, it's a photo of a display in the Discover Greenwich (tourist) centre and it really was fabulous. I'd wondered how I'd be able to share this photo and then along came the perfect opportunity!

Day 22: L

The next photo I'm sharing I'd completely forgotten about but while searching for a one of our wedding invitations (which I didn't use in the end) I found it and I couldn't help but smile. It's one of our many wedding congratulations and it's definitely straight-talking... And I couldn't help but smile!

Day 23: Smile

The last photo I'm sharing is the "must have" prompt and my must have is washi tape. I only have a small supply right now - I'm pretty sure it will grow - it's so versatile and pretty, and I really don't know what I did without this. If you don't have any, there is something wrong. You need washi tape!

Day 26: Must Have

I've really enjoyed this challenge, it's been great fun and it made me realise just how much paper I have - and like to have - around me. Thanks Jocelyn for thinking this up, and I hope you've enjoyed seeing a snippet of the month's photos.

I'm going to take part in a different kind of challenge for September and I'll share details of that on the blog tomorrow. 

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