Word of the week: Chilled

I've chosen chilled as my word this week as it's summed up my week and has given a nod to the weather at the same time...

There's been a lot of the usual stuff going on this week but there's also been a bit of that mañana feeling, which is fine by me. I can't say it's been my most achieving week but I've got things done, socialised with some great friends and have felt accomplished but in a relaxed and non-frenzied way.

As an example of how chilled my week has been, it's approaching lunchtime on Friday and yet I'm only just writing this post. Exactly.

Better still my tomatoes have got the hang of ripening and I'm picking a handful or so every couple of days. I've also picked three cucumbers this week (with at least another two on the way) so at some point over the weekend I think we'll be trying our luck with some cucumber cocktails - I mean what else would you do with a glut of cucumbers!!

Cocktails... Another good excuse for chilling out!

Last week I wrote that I was missing breakfasting in the sun on the patio, this week I've found a replacement sun spot and that's usually with a nice cup of tea around 4pm in the sunny conservatory. And this is fast becoming part of my routine, it's also a great place to sit back and admire the garden, in a chilled sort of way!

It's been a nice chilled week, but I suspect it won't last!

The Reading Residence