Word of the week: Planning

It's been a funny old week, I feel I've made lots of progress in all sorts of areas but I know not much of it is visible right now, so MOH thinks I've just been sitting in the sun all week... Hmmnn.

So my word this week is planning, as this week has mostly been about working out the way forward. And yes, some of that may just have taken place sitting in the sun!

It's cropped up in all sorts of places:

On the blog where I've a few posts piling up from visits to houses and gardens in Devon, Somerset, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, as well as some Portuguese flavoured posts from our oh-so-distant-holiday. This week I sat myself down and worked a way through these and all the other posts that are bubbling around in my head.

Now I just need to write them. And edit the photos. Simples. 

I've also decided to dedicate some time to develop my blog - I figured that only I could make this happen, so off I planned...

In the garden, I've been planning how to make the area under the Laurel tree look less like a builders yard; how to integrate our stone circle into the garden rather than it looking like it's just been plonked there (that involves five carefully placed stone balls and a slopey wall inspired by the one at Marks Hall Arboretum - now I have to work out how to build a very small wall) and how to create more space in our compost bins without emptying them through that silly little hole at the bottom. 

The answer to the latter involves wellies, gloves, a spade and a task to share with MOH - I'm sure he'll be overjoyed when he finds out. No doubt though just as it gets going I'll urgently be needed elsewhere... anywhere... 

But don't worry love, I'll be back just in time to supervise the bit you've just done and persuade (ok insist) you do it my way!

On the decorating front, yes it's time. I can put it off no longer, I am seriously looking for builders/decorators (rather than just saying I should look for someone) and have a couple stopping by later today. We're going to have our bedroom and the spare bedroom decorated - it'll mean packing even more stuff up and a bit more moving boxes around and no doubt a bit more stress (but hopefully much less than last time) but when it's done, it'll be done and I can unpack properly and actually get rid of the cardboard boxes that have been breeding throughout our house!

And I've also been trying to plan at least some of my photos for Jocelyn's August Instagram challenge for #31DaysofPaper - thankfully I have today's sorted, but there's still a couple of contenders for the next few days...  See you over there!

All that is a lot of planning! 

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