Word of the week: Realisation

I've chosen realisation as my word of the week for a couple of reasons, but mainly because this week there's been a realisation that things - including time - are moving on...


So this week there's been the realisation that the seasons are moving on and we seem to be hurtling towards autumn. Don't get me wrong, I like autumn - the colours and the food (especially the food) but I was quite happy with summer thank-you-very-much and am not quite ready to let it go just yet.  I mean I'm not even bored of eating salad yet (usually I am) or over trying to BBQ everything!

It's meant that no longer am I breakfasting in the sun on our patio, the sun's moved round a bit and when there has been sun at that time of day it's not been as warm as it had been.  That's meant breakfast has tended to move indoors for the first time in a long time.  I am still throwing open the conservatory doors at every opportunity and reluctantly had to close them during yesterday's storm!

The change in weather has also meant that just pulling on shorts and a vest top each morning is no longer a given - I know first world problems - this week instead my staple outfits have been cropped trousers and tee-shirts.  I am however clinging on to my flip flops for as long as possible - infact I'm thinking I need a new pair to see me through the next month or so...

The other realisation that's dawned on me is that as time moves on it's bringing me closer to my return to work. Not immediately you understand but it's something I'm starting to think about and soon I'll need to act on and that's exciting in its own way. I've had a great few months at home and while I could get used to this life the realisation is that it can't be a forever thing. 

The final realisation is that this blog has given me an inordinate amount of pleasure - hopefully you've enjoyed it too (and will continue to) - during the past few months so my plan is to continue that as best I can when my life enters it's next phase at a yet to be determined date!