Love this #42: Gardener's Gubbins Pots

I like these even more now I know they're officially called Gubbins pots... it's such a good word!

For more details see the Burgon and Ball website. These little pots - the whole tray is only 26cm x 20cm and 10cm deep - are gorgeous.  I'm favouring the galvanised version (shown) but they also come in a duck egg blue and shiny grey finish.  They're reasonably priced at £19.95 too.

They're part of the Sophie Conran range available at Burgon and Ball which tbh is all a little bit fabulous.  I'm so glad I didn't discover this earlier in the year as it might have been just a little bit dangerous!  ...But on the other hand it would have sewn up birthday presents... for me of course!

I'm intrigued to know what the other pots are labelled... There's one each for labels, wire, vine eyes, snips and misc. so that's five named and four left to discover...

Update:  the lovely people @burgonandball tweeted to say the other four are pens and pencils, twine, pea rings and labels again - thank you!

However that aside I'm pretty sure I'd find a use for them whether that was outdoors in the greenhouse - our shed belongs to MOH and if I want to find things again my greenhouse is the better option - or indoors in the study as a desk tidy... Hmmnn, now that would be fab!

As well as the OCD element of everything in its place, I'm having a galvanised moment - let me explain.  We've had these galvanised hanging plant holders for a while now but this last weekend we've moved them to a new home in the garden.

I think they're looking more than comfortable there already and with some winter bedding they'll bring a nice pop of colour to the holly and the ivy, which grows in abundance in our garden.

This weekend I realised why they'd been out of use for a while too.  They have solid bases which means whenever it rains they collect rainwater and any pots in them ...err, well they drown! 

There's a simple solution and that's to drill some holes into the bases - it's so simple I can't believe we've only just thought of it.  MOH was pleased with that solution too, I mean give any man the opportunity to wield the power tools... yes, exactly.

And finally I'm also up to speed on galvanised 1.5 inch nails as I spent some time learning about these in the local hardware shop.  I went in with some of what I wanted, was pleased to find them without help but found three different types so a conversation ensued.  I learnt that you can't get galvanised ovals, but "wouldn't that be nice" - if you're wondering an oval nail has an oval head which sinks into the wood and would typically be used to attach fence post toppers. 

I ended up with some round headed 1.5 inch galvanised nails which we used to attach the newly-painted battens to the fence posts above.

So there you go...!

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