R is for... Reflection

This week my R is for Reflection.  And rather than the deep and meaningful sort I've chosen a photo of something more literal, and the reflections in a lake.

This was on the Brockhampton Estate in Herefordshire.  It's a beautiful place with miles of walks through the parks and woodland and it was on one of these walks that we stopped for our picnic lunch to admire the lake, the quietness and the views.

It was sunny (as you can see) when I took this photo but moments later the heavens opened and we hurriedly scrambled our picnic back into our bag, donned our waterproofs and dived for cover under (thankfully) quite a sheltered tree waiting for the rain to subside!

It was quite something to continue our picnic in that sheltered spot, but we're British (and were hungry) so you bet we did!  Other walkers walking past must have thought us a very strange sight indeed.

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