Word of the week: Boxes

This week I've chosen Boxes as my word as I've spent much time this week moving cardboard boxes around and filling them with our stuff in preparation for the decorator's arrival on Monday. Their arrival - you'll not be surprised to know it's a different lot to last time - signify the start of our Phase 2 of decorating, so wish me luck!


I've been mostly clearing out our bedroom this week, something we started last July when we expected the Phase 1 decorators to decorate in there as well as the rest of the house. Let's just say Phase 1 was pretty horrendous and we cut it short when we could take no more. 

Even though our bedroom has been devoid of wardrobes since last summer (when we sold them on eBay which left us with this empty space) and we've been managing with this tiny rail instead, it's amazing just how much stuff had crept back into the room.  Oh, and by the way it didn't stay that tidy - and this is about half, right?

I've been putting off restarting the decorating - in case you're wondering MOH and I are DIY incompatible so we always get a man in - because I don't think I'm totally healed from last time. However this time I've assurances from the company carrying out the work the people I've met will carry out the work themselves so I'm sure it'll be better.  And I'm very much looking forward to having wardrobes again!

The work this time round is also less ambitious. We're starting with our bedroom and finishing off and re-doing some of the more horrendous parts from Phase 1. We also need some further work done on our porch as it's now leaking more than before we had the flat roof redone last year - and we didn't realise until recently that this had made it onto the list of horrors!

Once all that is done we'll schedule in the work to have the spare bedroom redecorated and the inside of the porch completed - it's only small, but I'd prefer to have it dry before we do anything more in there, I'm fussy like that!

So this week has been about preparing, putting things in boxes again and moving ourselves into our top spare bedroom. I'm just about there - have lost count of the number of boxes I've moved around this week to get them stored just so - and have been amazed at just how many cardboard boxes you can amass in a short period of time!

I know one thing, I won't be sorry to see these boxes finally go in a month or so!