Word of the week: Doodle

This week I was struggling for which word to choose, but in the end I settled on Doodle.


And I've been doodling in two senses of the word this week, with some e-doodling as part of the #30Lists challenge which I'm sharing daily on Instagram.  I'm using the digital pack provided and I'm adding to them using the A Beautiful Mess app. It's a lovely pack but I couldn't quite bear not tinkering and enhancing it at all. 

But doodle is also appropriate in another sense of the word, which is "to waste time in aimless or foolish activity" - as I've found myself spending time this week doing things that don't really need to be done right then.  Like preparing a series of blog posts through to mid-November (I know, scary). Of course I'd want to do them at some point, but I'm not sure they  all needed to be done this week. But once I'd started, I just carried on. Oh well, at least they're done!

I haven't stretched to the third meaning, which is to deceive or cheat so that's something to be thankful for :)

So a mixed week for me - it's been useful to doodle with the ABM app and overall it was useful to get some blog posts written, but it's meant I've also avoided some of the stuff I should really be doing. But there'll be time enough for that, at some point I'm sure...  you see I've been doodling so much, I'm not even sure I know what they are!!