Word of the week: Phew!

So last week my word was boxes as I was packing up our bedroom in readiness for the decorator who arrived this week. Thankfully it's gone well, so my word this week is Phew!


It's phew! for many reasons including: 

  • I had a days reprieve, which worked well as it gave us a chance to completely clear and clean our bedroom before work started, and to throw the remnants of the old carpet and underlay out. And even better the bin men took the old carpet as part of our weekly refuse collection. Phew. 
  • There was enough replacement wallpaper to complete the only undecorated wall in our living room (which had remained untouched since we asked the Phase 1 decorators to leave last September) and to redo the wall in the dining room which we weren't happy with (they'd used wallpaper from two batches on the same wall). 
  • My phase 2 decorator believes that while he works in a building site, we don't have to live in one. This is a complete joy, he tidies up each evening and leaves little trace that he's been working. Even the tools he leaves here are neatly stacked.  Double phew! then...  Sure there's some dust, but nowhere near what I'd anticipated and I'm not spending the evening cleaning up after him (only for them to come back the next day and do it all again - which was the pattern last time round)
  • The roofers have also started work on the porch roof. They popped along yesterday to put a tarpaulin over the small flat roof so they could be sure they could go ahead with the work. Yesterday they were back to remove the current felt and asphalt and prepare for the work that they'll do today. They swept up outside and in the porch before they left yesterday too. So that bodes well for the work they'll do today. Phew!
  • While this week hasn't been anywhere near as bad as I expected there's still a daily phew! when they leave around 4pm and the house is ours again overnight. 
  • And actually nor have I spent the week making tea and coffee (phew!) I make them some but I've told them where the kettle is and for them to help themselves. They've even offered to make me a cuppa when they've made theirs...

You may be thinking that builders/tradesmen should be able to do the job you've engaged them for and definitely that they should clear up after themselves. I'd agree with you, but unfortunately on our recent experiences this hasn't been the case. I'm glad though that the people we have working in our house are better behaved, but as nice as they are I'll still be glad when the work is complete! 

The Reading Residence