Word of the week: Absorbed

Yes this week I've been absorbed with moving my blog to its new home. For a couple of days The Move completely filled my thoughts. Would it go well, had I thought of everything and much more - the answer to those specific questions were yes and no!


The move had been on the cards for a while as I was starting to feel constricted where I was, especially with images and layouts and wanted something "cleaner".  My previous site had served me well, but it was time for a change so with a couple of days free at the start of this week I decided that was when I'd make my move!

I had a plan - and couldn't imagine tackling it without one - it wasn't perfect, but it captured the majority of the tasks I needed to do. There were a few things I missed - like in post links - but no showstoppers, so I decided to go for it and go live with www.lifeat139a.com

So here I am.

I'm pleased with my new place so far - I have a bit more to do to get properly straight, but I think I'm going to like it here, I hope you do to!  And now that I'm here I can get on with sharing some of the photo-heavy posts I've been holding off on - hang onto your hats! 


PS I've added my new site to Bloglovin and if that's where you follow me I've a feeling you'll have to follow my new site - just use the button on this page - to keep up-to-date.


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