Love this 46: Fluted glass jar candle

I do like a candle. Or two. Who doesn't? Although I do think it's a female thing, it's definitely something MOH doesn't get. A bit like cushions. And wrapping paper. MOH does know that a candle as a gift for me is a good thing, so that's something at least. He also knows that some shops wrap purchases putting them in a fancy bag which means they don't need any further wrapping. And these types of present are always welcome.  I'm lucky that he's a quick learner.

So this candle leaves me in a quandary. It looks great, beautiful infact and it's a bargain and I doubt you'll guess where it's from...

Well, it's from Tesco and is by Greenhill and York and costs just £6. No really it does - look at it on their website. It has a White Flowers scent and I'm sure once the candle is finished the pretty fluted jar would look fantastic on a dressing table, in a bathroom or in fact anywhere. 

My quandary is, as nice as it is and while I'm sure it's wrapped well I think it'd definitely need wrapping with wrapping paper rather than a supermarket carrier bag (don't laugh it's been tried before, and was thought to be perfectly acceptable by one of us!)

The Tesco website advises "hurry while stocks last" and I think this is sage advice!