Word of the week: Alarm

This week my word is alarm and it's been a bit of a mixed week. It started with a knock on the door last Friday evening with our new neighbours from the flat next door saying they'd been burgled and had I seen anything. They were clearly alarmed (understandably) and I did a very British thing and invited them in for a tea!

However I soon realised tea wouldn't mix so well with my glass of red so the offer was quickly upgraded and very much welcomed! The Police arrived and spent a good amount of time with our burgled neighbours, us and our other neighbours which was reassuring. Unfortunately it seems our area is currently being targeted by thieves and there'd been another burglary further down the street that day too. 


Sadly I had seen someone who I'd not seen before leave the flats that afternoon and although it registered I thought nothing more of it - why would you? It seems though my description matched that given at the other property, so it was something at least but I still can't decide if seeing him was helpful or not, and if I could have "seen" more. 

Anyway, the next day saw a flurry of activity in our house as MOH and I finished setting up our new house alarm. It'd been half set up for a while but this was the unfortunate push we needed. Learning that thieves are currently operating in your area is a great motivator... but equally it's quite alarming.

So the alarm's all set up and tested - I can confirm it's very loud! - we managed to set it off somehow during the installation. It's one of those you can connect to remotely, so unbeknown to me MOH managed to set it by mistake on Monday just as I sat down to have my lunch...

Ahem. By mistake. Yes dear. No, I didn't quite find it so funny. 

The final reason for choosing alarm this week is because it's so much darker in the mornings now isn't it? I'm afraid that means I'm finding it even harder than normal to hear the alarm... 

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