Word of the week: Unpacking

This week I've chosen unpacking as my word of the week as... wait for it... we've started to unpack our clothes!


Last Friday saw the installation of our new wardrobes in our "being-decorated" bedroom. They've been a long time coming, but they're here - mostly - the middle door is being fitted next week, as somehow a mirrored instead of an aluminium finish door had been sent. Despite this small hiccup I can't recommend this company, Bluefield Wardobes based in Kent, highly enough. They started by measuring the space we had, then as we told them what we wanted and what didn't work in our existing wardrobes they designed our new wardrobe there and then, in front of us. It was that speedy, the less-than-speedy bit was us actually ordering them. 

Here's a snap of them during the installation.  

The tidiest our new wardrobes are ever likely to be!

The tidiest our new wardrobes are ever likely to be!

My "half" starts on the left-hand side and extends just a bit past the middle, otherwise known as two-thirds. MOH wasn't too impressed with this, so as we started to unpack and move our clothes into the wardrobe, I started to make conciliatory offers regarding shared space. However it soon became clear they're deceptive and we each had plenty of space, and we haven't used the top shelf at all yet (that's reserved for summer clothes right now). Woohoo!

There's still a bit more to unpack and I'm off to Ikea later today (yes wish me luck) to buy some storage boxes to use on the top shelf and on some of the other shelves too.  I'd prefer to go one evening, but that hasn't worked out this week and now I can't make any progress without them. I know if I unpack and shove things onto the top shelf, I'll lose momentum and regret not doing it properly the first time round, and probably won't be able to reach those things ever again, as the wardrobes are quite tall. And every time we open the wardrobe it'll look messy. So Ikea it is. 

We packed our clothes in readiness for this moment back in July 2013 as part of what became Phase 1, and while we've rummaged through boxes to retrieve clothes and switch from summer to winter and summer wardrobes again, we haven't seen the majority of our clothes for a long time. So I was quite excited about seeing them again. What I wasn't expecting though was to feel slightly underwhelmed and to charity shop nearly four carrier bags worth of clothes. I think MOH is mildly concerned this may prompt a shopping spree and has been proactive and bought thirty wooden coat hangers from eBay. So perhaps it would be wrong to disappoint him...

Unpacking has also meant actually throwing some of the cardboard boxes away, well recycling them anyway. So overall we're five boxes down. This is great news as not only does it signify progress but it's meant more space and access to other boxes is easier too. Hopefully we'll have significantly less boxes in the next few weeks...

What's your week been like?  And do you need any cardboard boxes, I've got all sizes...


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