Love this #45: Woodland Shade

These wood shades look fantastic by day with the wood and the hint of the pattern showing on the inside, but when they're lit that's when they look even better.

As that's when the pattern really shows through. 

These are from John Lewis and are made of wood (rather than anything made to look like wood) and can be used for ceiling lights or lamps.  There's two sizes available too - 25cm and 35cm. I think at £35 and £45 respectively they're pretty reasonable. 

For more details see theJohn Lewis website.

Doesn't it look fab?

In our house we have mostly spotlights - most recessed into the ceiling and others ceiling mounted with only a single pendant light in our dining room.  A decision made shortly after we moved in when we had lots of electrical work done.

Spotlights work well for us but we do have a few lamps though, with erm... four downstairs which perhaps may be a bit excessive but I wouldn't want to lose any of them.

Actually make that five, I forgot one of them!

Each of our lamps have a different purpose and provide light for different needs - there's nothing better than a lamp to change the atmosphere of a room whether that's functional or for watching a DVD snuggled on the sofa!

So in our living room as well as recessed spotlights we have a standard lamp at one end of the sofa


A tall spotlight at the other end of the sofa for when some extra light is needed 


And a table lamp - the shade is actually paper - this is the one that goes on as the evenings get chillier and especially if we've opened a bottle of wine and pulled out a DVD!


Then in our conservatory, we have another standard lamp, which has a metallic plastic shade which is clear when illuminated and I think quite funky. I'd love to show it here but at the moment it's surrounded by cardboard boxes (yes more boxes!) and rather dustier than I'd like so my house proud self won't include it!  

And a table lamp which was "promoted" from our spare bedroom once I realised it was a good match for the dresser and bookcases!  


We also have a few lamps in reserve - well you never know when you might need one - so I don't think I'll be able to swing another lamp... or even a new shade, so I'll just have to swoon over them online!

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