V is for... Volunteers

This week my V is Volunteer, in fact there's a sea of volunteers!

It's another London 2012 photo, and probably led to one of the most memorable experiences of London 2012 for me.  I was lucky enough to volunteer as a London Ambassador during the Olympics and Paralympics and therefore also lucky to be invited into The Mall for the celebratory parade.

Getting into The Mall took some time - there were quite a few other volunteers doing exactly the same thing - and this was the scene that met us as we approached the security point.


It was great to see so many people there supporting our athletes and for all of the volunteers - Games Makers and London Ambassadors - mixing together.  Surprisingly even in all of these people (and more) I bumped into lots of people that I'd spent time volunteering with, so that was great too. 

And of course there were the athletes, they were pretty spectacular themselves.  The parade was quite a long route and you could see that the athletes were overwhelmed with the reception they'd had along the way but their reaction to the volunteers was special and it was a fitting end to a great summer.

As usual I'm joining up with Charly over at PODCast, so pop over there to see what other Vs there are.