Word of the week: Abundance

This week I've chosen abundance as the word to sum up my week, as alongside the decorating that's been taking place (that's still going well and we're nearly at the exciting stage) I've been making use of lots of the produce that's come my way.


Although my tomatoes are almost done - I've been picking a handful or so everyday for the past few weeks -  it seems they've had one last push and have been ripening more quickly than we can eat them. That's meant there's some lovely roasted pasta sauce in the freezer. 

Our chillies too are ripening, I'm regularly picking inch long super-hot red chillies off both plants and mostly they're going straight into the freezer, although I've used some with the riper tomatoes for  tomato and chilli jam, which I love with goats cheese. 

I've made some Spiced Blackberry Jam too (there'll be a post on the blog tomorrow about that) from the blackberries we foraged. We've eaten beetroot curry, made from the beetroot I've grown - which this year actually got to a decent size - and we've started to use the chard too.

I've got some Norfolk apples too. Less than at the start of the week as I've made apple compote for breakfast, an apple & walnut crumble -see 52 Cookbooks #37: Apple & Walnut crumble and an apple gingerbread traybake. I've still a few more appley recipes up my sleeve too...

I have a couple of marrows and some green tomatoes from Dad, which are just screaming chutney but I also fancy making some "autumn curd" - which sounds way nicer than marrow curd (think lemon curd, but made from marrow - it'll be better than it sounds, I promise).  There's also some newly sliced runner beans in the freezer too and my cucumbers are still growing, with another four on the way - I'll need to pickle these I think... or maybe some more cocktails?!

So you see there's been an abundance of home-grown fruit and veg this week, and while there's still a little bit more to do it's been a productive week so far!

The Reading Residence